5 Reasons Why France is not Richer than the United

The polemics of which country is richer between the United Kingdom and France is relative.

The best that often comes out of the ‘richer’ argument is an analytical comparison.

After such a comparison I will leave you the reader to decipher which country is ‘Richer’

Well, below is the comparison.

1. Business Enterprise

The UK has a greater number of private entrepreneurs and millionaires per capita than France.

For a long time, entrepreneurs in France have been scarce but the culture is affirmatively changing.

France is working on a better work atmosphere.

It encourages the development of both independent big enterprises and startups. With technology, it is even easier to do it online.

Some numerous sites and corporations offer both monetary and human resource incentives prerequisites for the development of these enterprises.

To give customer satisfaction in this, France has sites such as Amon Avis that gives honest reviews on corporations offering enterprise development support.

WeShareBonds, for example, is a site reviewed by the people of France and it offers investment funding. Read some of their feedback to see whether they offer good quality funding services.

With such measures, France is set to get to where the United Kingdom is in no time.

The French governmental policies are on board with the promotion of startups to meet those in the United Kingdom.

Though a bit behind, France and the United Kingdom are not far apart.

2. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Lightly GDP is referred to as the comprehensive scorecard of a country’s economic health.

Economically speaking it is the monetary or market value of all goods and services produced within a country’s borders.

The GDP of the UK was worth 2707.74 billion US dollars in 2020 while France had a GDP of 2603 billion US dollars in the same year.

The margin here is therefore not so big. The UK GDP growth rate is at 22.2 while that of France is at 18.70.

The public debt in France is slightly higher than that of the UK.

Workers in the UK tend to earn more than workers in France. When it comes to the expenditure of this earning, the United Kingdom also tends to be more expensive in regard to accommodation, food and clothing.

This, therefore, cancels out.

France also has better conditions for its workers since workers in France labour for shorter hours than those in the UK.

All factors considered; one can argue that France in its GDP is not really behind the United Kingdom.

3. Natural Resources

Both of these countries have their fair share of natural resources.

The United Kingdom is endowed with coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, lead, zinc, gold, tin, limestone, salt, clay, chalk, gypsum, potash, silica sand, slate and arable land.

France on the other hand is metropolitan and has coal, iron ore, bauxite, zinc, uranium, antimony, arsenic, potash, feldspar, fluorspar, gypsum among others.

Even though France and the UK relatively rely much on their natural resources, France seems to have more natural resources than the UK.

4. Cities and Infrastructure

The United Kingdom has more sophisticated, more vibrant and bigger cities.

That also goes for harbours, airports and train stations. This is not to mean France infrastructure is not glamorous. It is. French cities and built structures have more edge than those in the United Kingdom.

The thing is, development infrastructure in France is not as widely spread like that in the United Kingdom.

France has more rural regions than the United Kingdom. This is not entirely a bad thing as some people prefer to live in France on that basis.

Rural areas are peaceful and cool for some people and so they prefer them.

5. Social Welfare

Social welfare is inclusive of cash benefits, health care, housing, education and personal social services.

The U.K heavily supports its citizens through social welfare. It for example has its citizens using up about 10% of the Gross Domestic Product on cash benefits alone.

Healthwise, the National Health Service of the U.K covers the entire population and ensures free health to everyone. This health security is second to none.

Housing and education in the U.K are also relatively well catered for by the state.

France is not really up to par in social welfare as the United Kingdom, but it follows closely.

In all aspects such as health care and education France tries so hard and almost everyone gets access to it.

The challenge is that the French welfare system runs at a global deficit of about 5.2 Euros. On the positive side, however, France has fewer homeless people.

From the above-given comparison, you can decide which country is richer.  Different people may have different opinions on this and that is okay.

Some people do not even agree on what richer means. For this writing, however, let’s just presume richer means a country with better living conditions.