3 Ways to Supercharge Your Content-Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is a well-crafted marketing strategy which is all about creating and distributing engaging and relevant content which interests your target audience. It is said, “Content is King”, and this king has become all the more indispensable in today’s market place inhabited with SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing. We often forget this and create content that is SEO friendly thereby ignoring the fact that the Content is created for people so they should be its prime movers.


Therefore, it is no longer about creating the Push through emailers of your product updates, but envisaging a Pull through making your customers more knowledgeable and aware thereby driving their purchase decisions. There are 3 Trump cards which can help you supercharge your Content marketing strategy.

  1. Create engaging Content that gives voice to your customers

Empower your customers by making them more informed and aware about the products/ services in the industry. This will give you Thought Leadership position rather than a clear propagator of your products/ a product seller. Focus on creating content on your Webpages that invites discussions among your customers.

  1. Give appropriate and well thought out importance to Keywords

We often confuse SEO with Content Marketing and think if we have done a good SEO, our job is complete. You must look at high search volume but your focus should not only be limited to SEO, rather it should be on understanding the customer’s intent. Once you are sure about that, you can publish content on your webpages which addresses your user’s interest and keep the keywords in mind at the same time. Without quality content, a mechanical SEO will not yield you the desired results. Quality Content and SEO complement each other so both of them must be given due importance. A good SEO will land a customer to your webpage but what will help him stay and drive action will be the Quality SEO Content Copywriter.

  1. Develop emotional connect with your customers

Once you have Quality content in place your next job is to share this on relevant platforms (Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, BlogSpot) so as invite organic conversations between customers and user reviews. While, User generated content sometimes seems risky due to its unpredictable nature and the fear of negative publicity, but, the most important task in today’s net savvy world is to keep your customer talking. Always keep in mind, the best publicity is “Word of Mouth” publicity.

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