Freelancing in Portugal: What would you need?

The era where we all used to go to offices is certainly gone. Well, most of us still go to offices, but freelancing is an actual thing now. Probably millions of people are working from their homes and earning a handsome amount without even moving. So the question here is, how can you become a freelancer if you are moving to Portugal for study purposes or even business purposes? Not only that but how easy is it for one to become a freelancer if he is already a resident of Portugal?

Well, let’s get these questions answered through the brief below! But make sure to opt for the best freelancing sites that can offer you, reliable clients. To do that, you can check out reviews of freelancing sites. There are many platforms like that can help you out in finding the services and their reviews. So make sure to check them to determine how good a service is.

Becoming a freelancer in Portugal: The things you would need!

These are the things that you would need to become a freelancer in Portugal. So do not skip any of them if you do not want hurdles for yourself.

1. Confirm your ID, Visa, or Self Employment residence

The first thing you would need to become a freelancer in Portugal is a Portuguese ID, Visa, or Self Employment Visa in order to proceed. Besides that, freelancing platforms like Fiverr might also ask you to verify your identity before proceeding to further projects. So it is better to keep this aspect in mind.

2. Declare your entry and register yourself

If you are a European citizen, you will not have to declare your entry. But if you are a non-EU resident, you will have to visit your nearest SEF office. That is where you will have to declare your entry in order to proceed forward.

After the declaration, you will have to register as self-employed. This will allow the authorities to keep track of the taxes and other things when you get started. But before you register yourself, you will have to get a NIF so that your taxes can be tracked down with ease. Each resident has their own unique NIF number, and it is important to get it for the further steps.

3. Open a bank account and start your journey!

As now you have declared your entry and also have NIF, you can open a bank account in your name. Make sure that you have provided the right details so that you won’t have to face problems later. You might be provided with different bank account options. You can go with the one that seems suitable to you and the one that would be able to fulfill your needs.


The process of becoming a freelancer in Portugal is not that hard. You will just have to be open about everything and follow all the steps in order to get the things right. So do not panic, and try to implement all the crucial things, and you will be a freelancer in no time.